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HOLINESS…The First Step

God gives this command in 1 Peter 1:16: “Be holy, for I am holy.”

The word “holy” means separated and set apart.  A “holy” person is someone who has been set apart by God, for God’s glory.

If a holy life was only a matter of changing our behavior, we could compare ourselves with others and conclude “we’re not so bad, we are pretty good”.  But God looks into our heart.  He is not fooled by our actions.  He knows what’s on the inside (1 Samuel 16:7).

When we compare ourselves with His standard of goodness, we see the truth about ourselves.  We are sinful human beings and our own goodness is like filthy rags compared to the holiness of God. (Isaiah 64:6).

On our own, we don’t have the power to change what’s inside of us.  We need God’s help.

This awareness of sin and knowing you need God’s help is the very first step toward living a holy life.

God’s holiness and His perfect justice demand that sin be punished. The Bible warns that there will be a final judgment in which God will hold all people accountable, and His wrath will be poured out on those who did not accept Jesus Christ, His remedy for sin. (Matthew 25:31-46).

The Good News of the Gospel is that through the sacrifice of Christ, God has shown us mercy by making salvation available.

Salvation gives us forgiveness of sin and a new life empowered by the Holy Spirit.  It is a personal relationship with God and His supernatural power – His grace – to change our hearts and enable us to live holy lives.

Salvation is a prerequisite to living a holy life.  You can only receive it by coming to God with a humble attitude, asking for His help.  Find out how you can take the first step.  Read “How Can I Know God?”

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