Our mission…

is to make God known through teaching, Scripture songs, testimonies, and published resources.

Our vision…

is to proclaim His true nature, character, and heart as revealed through His Word.  To fulfill our mission, we develop and publish the following resources:

  1. Teaching – Daily Scripture & Song is our daily online video study.  The companion resource is our Daily Scripture & Song Devotional, which includes a music CD.  In our online store we carry books, booklets, devotionals, and study guides.  We also offer free resources, including articles and Bible lessons, What the Bible Says (Scriptures by topic), resources under the “God” tab, our blog, and song lyrics.  New resources are continually being developed and/or added.
  2. Scripture Songs – These are an effective tool for learning about the Scriptures and easily memorizing them.  Listen to a song sample.
  3. Personal Testimonies – These are inspirational real-life stories describing how God has worked in peoples’ lives.