Wendy Knight

Wendy Knight
Director and Founder
Word For Life Publishing

Welcome!  Thank you for taking time to visit and learn about Word For Life Publishing.

We are a Christian ministry based solely on the truths revealed in God’s Word, the Bible.

Click on Our Beliefs.  This page explains the foundation of our faith.  Click on Our Team.  You can see photos of our team and read how we have experienced God’s power in a personal way in our own life.  You might also want to view How Can I Know God?  This page has information that will help you understand God’s plan for forgiveness through Jesus Christ.



Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help Transform Lives Through the Power of God’s Word.  Our vision is to proclaim His true nature, character, and heart as revealed through His Word.  To fulfill our mission, we develop and publish the following resources:

  1. Online Store – Our online store carries books, booklets, devotionals, and study guides.  We also offer free resources, including articles and Bible lessons, What the Bible Says (Scriptures by topic), resources under the “God” tab, our blog, and song lyrics.  New resources are continually being developed and/or added.
  2. “Healing For Your Soul” Spiritual Food Bar Downloads – These are an effective tool for learning Scripture through song and easily memorizing them.  Each music download includes a theme-specific song and praise/prayer, plus bonus download of song lyrics and words to the prayer. Sound samples available.
  3. Personal Testimonies – These are inspirational real-life stories describing how God has worked in peoples’ lives.
Our prayer is that through these resources, you will:
  • Understand who God is
  • Accept His invitation to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ
  • Experience His love and power
  • Discover His unique purpose for your life and be equipped to fulfill it
  • Receive courage and strength from Scripture

Thanks again for visiting our website.  Enjoy your time here as you browse our site, and be sure to sign up to receive your free copy of Hope For Every Day, 14 days of devotions that will encourage and strengthen you.

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