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The Migraine Headache Went Away

Yesterday I was having a severe migraine headache and I felt as if the veins on the right side of my head were popping out. I couldn’t sleep, the pain was unbearable.  At 3 am [Kenya time] I informed Kyle [US member of Breakthrough Bible Healing] about my situation and his response was very simple and clear.  He told me to read any chapter in the book of Psalms. Through the act of faith I found myself reading Psalms 29. Basically it was talking about the voice of the Lord. I really meditated on verses 4,7,10,11…After a few minutes I found myself sleeping, but when I woke up I had a victory.  The headache had ceased and I was healed. That’s when I realized that although weeping may endure for a night, joy cometh in the morning Psalms 30:5b.