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Spiritually Stronger Now

Before starting this teaching and program, I wasn’t physically sick, but spiritually! After reading and confessing the Word of God over my life, things began to shift…I realized that God loves me and His Son Jesus paid the price for my healing. But starting about a week ago I came under attack. When you see bitterness or anything that’s not like our Father, curse it at the root right then and there. As I’m approaching the end [of the study], I was going through something…Yesterday on zoom I finally opened my mouth so others would be praying for me. Last night I had to lay at His feet and cry out! He heard my cry! Glory Hallelujah! The enemy wanted to distract me because God won’t use an unclean vessel! Repentance brings on deliverance! I’m set free from the yoke of bondage! Thank you Jesus. When the SON sets you free; you’re free indeed! Hallelujah! As I continue to be a witness and war with worship, I’m believing to do the GREATER!