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How Can I Convince Others They Need Jesus?

You know God is real. You know Jesus is coming back. And you are concerned for your loved ones and friends. You want them to know Jesus so they can go to heaven, but how can you convince them to listen to the truth of the Gospel that you know will give them eternal life?

This was my friend Tammy’s dilemma. Perhaps it is yours as well. I believe you will be encouraged as you read Tammy’s letter and my response below.

Tammy’s Letter

Hi Wendy,

I have a question for you. I look around the world today, the weather, the news, what’s happening all around us and I know in my heart that Jesus is coming back here and I believe soon. I try to tell family and friends that and that they should be prepared for his coming and I’m getting looked at like I’m a coo coo bird. How can I be more convincing to them?

Tammy G.

My Response

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for your letter. The problem you have described is something even Jesus had to deal with. Jesus had to die and come back from the grave before His brothers were convinced. Seeing miracles wasn’t enough.

A friend of mine was dealing with a bad situation with a loved one, and the Lord spoke to her, “Praise Me, seek Me, and walk in love.”

Praise Me, seek Me, pray – The Holy Spirit is the best One to convince people of the truth. As we continue to pray for our family and friends, we’ll see more results.

Walk in love, be like Jesus – The more our life reflects Jesus, the more attractive Christianity will be to those around us.

I heard about a woman whose husband refused to believe. She and her sister asked God to do or allow anything in this man’s life that would bring him to Christ. Soon the man lost his ability to make wise business decisions. He had been an excellent businessman and his family had been very wealthy. They lost everything they had.

Through it all, the woman and her sister continued to praise God, knowing He was working. After a time, the man noticed that his wife and her sister still had the same attitude of praising and seeking God that they had had before they lost everything. This got his attention, and he gradually came to his senses and accepted Christ. Then his business mind was restored.

When we pray, there is hope for those who do not know the truth, even if they have refused to listen in the past. Don’t give up praying!

In Christ’s Love, Wendy

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