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What To Do When Your Dream Dies


You had a dream.  For years, you had cherished it in your heart, reliving your hopes, joy, and expectations over and over.  Now your dream is gone.  Dead.  Never to be realized.

Life is so cruel!  Tragedy has turned your life upside down, and your heart feels like it’s been broken into a thousand pieces. You want to cry, but you’re afraid to let go.  Afraid you won’t be able to stop.

This test has shaken your faith to the core, and your mind is bombarded with questions: Where is God in all this?  What happened to His promises?  How can He possibly bring good out of this?

You know you’re in danger of becoming angry with God, and you need to apply His Word to your situation.  But in the midst of such pain, how can you?


Wendy has posed a scenario that we can all experience in our Christian walk.  What do we do when “the dream” dies?

Emotional pain can be crippling.  It leads to incorrect and destructive thinking.

We say to our self, “God abandoned me.  He betrayed me.  I thought He loved me.”
These are the thoughts that we dare not articulate, yet if we are honest with our self, that is what drives our hurt and anger.  Why won’t God give me what I want?  Didn’t God promise to bless me?  How is this a blessing?  Where are You?!!!!!!

Honestly, the answer is a tough one…it reveals our heart.

God says in Ex. 20:3 and Deut. 5:7 that we should have no other gods before Him.  He speaks of images we should not bow down to.  What we forget is that the god we most often bow down to is our self, our wants, our desires, our dreams.  Did we ever ask Him if all our expectations were in His will?  Even Jesus said to His Father, “not My will but Yours be done.”

Once we truly realize that we should live His plan and not our own, the issue becomes, how do we accept His will and eventually embrace it?

Our only hope is to turn to Him and search His word.  He is not our enemy; He is our hope.

Talk to him as your Lord and as your friend.  Remember He loves you. Tell Him how you feel.  Read the Psalms out loud.  Realize that He may not change your situation but He will change you to be more like Him.  Let the Holy Spirit comfort you and heal you.  Pray with the expectation of seeing the beauty that is found only when His will is being lived out in your life.  Surrender to Him.

It will take time, but hold tightly to your Redeemer.  Give thanks for His work on the cross that freed you from sin so that you can live a victorious life.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord, read “How Can I Know God”.

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Be encouraged my friend,
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Ann Varwig

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Ann Varwig



  1. Ioannis Stavrou  September 27, 2019

    Very nice article! The thing with the creator/s(God)
    is that God play a connection link scenario. That’s how energy is transferred. We people love, adore, pray and help like God but still is a question mark if God really has a plan for you or not? We except God as an extraordinary force overcome the energy connection link logical technique cause we are made of energy.
    As I am a scientist I can’t tell you all is made band to band in terms of energy level, so earth is just made to AUTOMATICALLY filter positive and negative energy.
    That means by far 100000000000% there is NO GOD.
    But in my personal life I am a true believer and honest person with joy and happiness!! And I adore innocent people like children!! God never never support unconditional love, pure heats, innocent children, families joy and happiness of the people as the article say Christians pass over a darkness before sun. Why an innocent pure soul need to pass over darkness before the sun??? GOD supposed to be the ultimate guard of real love and magic moments of life!! People are humans with limited time on earth and God can not support their dreams because God has other plans??? How fake is that statement in the article!!! And why God has not deadlines if a true prayer lost in timing during waiting God to give a helping hand. Where is the true communication with someone never seen nobody and nobody came from death to tell us what is after??? And we still blindly believe in God. I hope I was clear enough. Love you all dearly I.S

    • Wendy Knight
      Wendy Knight  September 28, 2019

      If I understand you, God does not exist as a spiritual “Person”, but as only an energy link between people. Yet you say you are a believer. A believer in what? We believe God is the Creator, the Sustainer, the Ruler over all. He is a spiritual Being who desires a personal relationship with each person. He demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus to save us from our sins. God actively works in people’s lives. He wants us to realize our great need for Jesus the Savior. God does not always give us our desires. He knows what is best for us. As a parent, it would be wrong for me to allow my child to do whatever he or she wants. I know better than my child how to live a productive life. Does that make me wrong? No. Likewise, God knows better than we do. If our “dream” is wrong in the long term, God may deny our desire for our own good. We expect nothing less from a good Father. Thank you for your thoughts. My prayer for you is that by reading the Bible, you will come to know Jesus Christ and will receive eternal life through Him. You will have assurance of abundant life beyond our “limited time on earth”.


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