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Simple Steps to Deepen Your Relationship with God

Dear friends, God is on the move.  Let me explain.

Though God has always been working in human hearts, drawing people to Himself, there seems to be an urgency in His work at this present time. Why?

Consider our sin-plagued world. Does it appear to be getting worse? We are living in a time when the return of Jesus Christ is truly imminent. Our Savior could appear at any moment.  Knowing this, the enemy of our souls, the devil, is out to make the most of his remaining time.  He is fighting viciously to steal, kill, and destroy as many souls as he can. His weapon is deception.

But our God is so much greater. He is on the move, drawing both the unsaved and the saved to Himself. God’s highest desire is that we receive the wonderful salvation He has made available through Christ, and that we pursue an intimate love relationship with Him.

I see this reflected in an increased number of blog comments and emails from individuals who are earnestly seeking a deeper relationship with God. They are requesting prayer, but are also asking questions:  How can I get started? What can I do to make seeking God a genuine part of my life? How can I let go of worldly things?

Is this the cry of your heart? Read the article and inspiring testimony below. Discover a simple step you can take to “jump-start” a deeper relationship with God.

Thanks! –Wendy

Your Relationship with God – Do you have one?

When we talk about deepening our relationship with God, we should first examine ourselves to see if we actually have a personal relationship with God. According to the Bible, there is only one way to have a true relationship with God. It must be on the terms God Himself has set, through the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ.  All other roads – no matter how good they appear – lead away from God.

If you are not certain that you have a personal relationship with God and are going to heaven, read “How Can I Know God?

Keys to Nurturing Relationship

Now think for a moment about how you nurture a relationship with another human being.

Do you:

  • Make time to be with them?
  • Ask them questions and listen to their answers?
  • Invite them to be part of your life?

Deepening your relationship with God involves similar dynamics. Your relationship with God will grow as you intentionally pursue daily quiet time with Bible Study and prayer.

Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).  God’s Word – Holy Scripture – is the spiritual food that enables us to grow in our relationship with God and become more Christ-like.

As newborn babies crave milk, we are to eagerly desire “the pure milk of the Word” (1 Peter 2:2). As we grow in Christ, we are to desire “solid food” from the Word (Hebrews 5:14).

A Simple Step to a Deeper Relationship With God

Every day, read one 8-verse section of Psalm 119 aloud, slowly and thoughtfully.  This psalm, more than any other portion of Scripture, extols the beauty and power of God’s Word. From exuberant praise to passionate prayer to understand and apply the Word, this psalm will help bring you into the presence of God.

The key is to “meditate” on what you read: read it aloud, slowly and prayerfully.  Read it from your heart, with emotion.  Concentrate on connecting with God. Ask Him to help you understand and apply what you are reading.

Soon you will find your appetite for God and His Word increasing.  The Holy Spirit is working through the Word and drawing you closer to God.  That is God’s plan.  He desires a deep personal relationship with you.

God’s Word is living and powerful. Read the story below, which was told to me by Bible teacher Pat Merold. I pray it will be a great encouragement to you.

From Prison to God’s Presence — A Testimony

One Sunday morning in a Bible school class a gentleman came in that I hadn’t seen before.  He took a seat in the back row.  The lesson I was teaching included Psalm 119.  As I started to read it, he raised his hand, stood up, and started walking toward the front of the room.  Picking up where I was reading, he began to quote it.  There was something in the way he quoted that Scripture that left us all with tears in our eyes, awestruck with the intensity of the words as they came out of his mouth.

The gentleman asked if he could say something to the class, and of course I said “yes”.  He testified that he had learned that in prison.  He went on to say that one of our elders had visited him and left a Bible.  Since he had no other reading material, he opened it and it fell open to the page that had that Psalm.  He kept reading the Bible.  When he got to the New Testament, he met Jesus.  When the elder visited him again, he asked what to do to be a Christian.  God’s Word is powerful.  The Holy Spirit brings conviction through the Word of God.