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09. The Power of God’s Presence

Several years ago I was attending a miracle service in Fort Worth, Texas.  The evangelist called out for people needing to have a hip or hips healed.  The sanctuary was packed full.  As soon as I heard the call, I made my way from the second row and literally ran to the front.  I was only in my 40s but I had excruciating pain in my left hip and much difficulty walking.  When I went up on the stage I was shaking with nervousness and excitement.  The minister took my hand and walked me a couple times around the stage.

The presence of God was really strong and I could hardly stand up.  I fell to the floor from the power of God and when I got up I was completely pain-free.  Then the power of God manifested itself in me as laughter.  I fell again to the floor laughing and was completely healed to this day.

Patricia Gardner