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04. Pastor Receives Healing and Direction

I tell my testimony everywhere I minister because it reminds me of the greatness of God and my full calling in the ministry.

In 1996, I had a heart attack and was paralyzed on the left side of my body.  It happened one day after my pre-wedding party.  I couldn’t understand why such a thing happened to me since I was saved and serving as an assistant pastor.

I had been teaching in a private school.  My boss fired me immediately and I became jobless.  It was a very difficult time.  I was sick and had no money.  Also, my fiancee had just traveled 1500 km for our wedding preparations, but we couldn’t get married.  The money we had accumulated for the wedding was all used for medication and paying other bills.

It was the most testing time of my life.  I kept praying and believing God.  I could not eat any solid food for six months.  I only relied on drinks, which were also rare, for I had no money.

My fiancee was very close to me and supported me fully in prayer.

After six months, I went back to the hospital to receive electrotherapy.  I made short prayers before entering the machine.  I also told the doctor that it was my last time to visit that hospital.  I told her I was going in the machine, but would come back well and healed.  She laughed at me, thinking I had gone crazy.

But after thirty minutes in the machine, I heard a loud voice commanding me to leave everything I was doing in Mombasa and go back home where I was born.  My home village was not well-reached with the Gospel and evil was rampant.  I was to start preaching the Gospel there.  The voice of God commanded me that I should never backslide again.  Before the attack, I had been a hypocritical minister living a double standard life.

After another five minutes, I came out of the machine.  To the amazement of everybody in the hospital, I was completely healed.

From that time, I have never looked back.  Everyone who saw me can testify to this.  My fiancee stood with me and did not give up on me.  She is now my wife.  We have six children: four boys and two girls.

Bishop Charles Wanyonyi Mwanda