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05. Delivered From Alcoholism

For years I indulged in drinking alcoholic beverages.  It was a daily routine for me.  I was an alcoholic. I know now that God was and always has been with me.

My mother became very ill in 2004; and her illness took a great toll on me. I was her caregiver…along with the help of a wonderful husband, our children and her sister. I continued to drink alcohol to (what I thought) ease my body and mind. I also began to recognize that the amount of alcohol I consumed was very unhealthy. I prayed and asked God to help me…just that simple.

Well, my Mom passed away in May 2004. You would think that the drinking would have increased. It didn’t. I have not indulged in drinking alcoholic beverages since 2004. I’ve not found any need to drink either socially or habitually. I thank God. Only God could have moved in my life in such a quiet way. I never experienced withdrawal symptoms. I can be in the presence of others who drink in social settings, and it just does not bother me…at all. Again, I have to thank God because he protected me and carried me during the most trying trial in my life. This is my testimony.

“God’s Servant”