Wendy’s Blog

14. Breakthrough to Joy and Peace

I have great things happening in my life and I give ALL the glory to God. This is the year of great breakthroughs, great joy and great love. Through prayer and reading the Bible, I have found a wondrous peace that was missing before. My anxiety and frustration, even depression about where my life is going, have disappeared. I have a renewed spirit and hope again. I am reading through the whole Bible for the first time using a guide from my church, and at times, can hardly put it down. My thirst for The Word is astounding! And most of all, my self-reliance and preoccupation with me, me, me is nowhere to be found. I expect great things this year and thank God everyday for what He has planned for me. His strength is my strength, His love transfers to every part of my life, His peace shields me from loneliness and despair. God is so encompassing if we turn over our lives to Him.

Becky Maresca