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    Your name and prayers will not be published. We ask for your name to pray for you by name. We ask for your email should we need to follow up. You won't be added to any list, and we will not share any of your information.

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    What do you need in your life? Peace? A deeper relationship with God? Wisdom? Healing? A better job? I believe that God hears and answers prayer. And I believe that prayer is more powerful when two or more join their faith together.

    Submit your prayer requests, and we will pray for them according to what God says in His Word (the Bible). After you submit your request, you’ll be redirected to a page with various resources, including Scripture promises about answered prayer. Take time to reflect on what God says, and as you do, your faith will grow and you will be strengthened to wait patiently for your answers.

    What is Prayer?

    Prayer to God can take many forms. It can be a request, a confession of sin, or an expression of adoration or thanksgiving. Some define prayer as “a conversation with God” because it is two-way. We talk with God and listen for His response.

    I like the simple definition by Dr. Ralph Martin in his book The Fulfillment of All Desire: “Prayer is, at root, simply paying attention to God” (p. 121).

    How profound! Prayer is about relationship. Relationships flourish when those involved pay attention to each other.

    We can deepen our relationship with God by making sure that we focus on Him as we pray. Even a momentary glance upward and a whispered “Thank You” can strengthen our connection with Him throughout the day. Our heavenly Father doesn’t want “lip service”. He wants our heart. He is waiting for us to pay attention to Him.