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What is Daily Scripture & Song?

Daily Scripture & Song is a 3-part Bible-based teaching program that will help you know God better and develop a personal relationship with Him.  It consists of daily online videos (free) and a 31-day devotional with a music CD.

Multi-faceted learning: read, listen, study, apply, and sing

Each day, there is a new teaching about God. Through the videos, you have the opportunity to read and listen to the teaching, and respond to God. The devotional enables you to study the teaching in more detail and apply it to your life.  The music CD has 4 Scripture songs that follow the daily teachings and help you memorize Scripture. Video, print, music: these three media reinforce what you are learning and make your learning experience more enjoyable.

Daily Scripture & Song makes it easier for you to remember, internalize, and act on important Bible truths that can have a significant positive impact on your life.