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Features & Benefits

There are specific features and benefits for each part of Daily Scripture & Song.  They are outlined below.

Features & Benefits – Videos

Every day, read and listen to an inspirational teaching about God and His plan for you.  There are 3 videos.

Video 1 – Prepare Your Heart To Hear The Message

  1. Learn to quiet your heart and put your focus on God.

You will feel more peaceful and become more aware of God’s presence.

  1. Learn to pray using one of God’s Bible names.

It will cause you to reflect on who He is and help you learn to trust Him.

  1. Learn about the impact sin has on your life.

You will be better able to understand the holiness of God, turn from sin, and receive God’s forgiveness

  1. Learn to give God your problems through prayer.

This will help you have peace of mind and hear God more clearly.

  1. Learn to pray for understanding of the message, and for heart change.

God will answer and His Word will work powerfully in you.

Video 2 – Hear The Message

Learn about God and His plan for your life.

Be encouraged and strengthened in your daily walk with God.

Video 3 – Respond To The Message

Learn to respond to God and take the next step in your relationship with Him.

Features & Benefits – Daily Devotional

This guided study will help you gain more insight into the topics you see on the Daily Scripture & Song online videos.  Includes opportunity for personal reflection, prayer, and practical application.

Downloads of the music are available for purchase now. (link?) The devotional with CD will be available in summer 2014.

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  1. the cover (your graphic)
  2. Table of contents
  3. Day 1 devotion

Features & Benefits – Music CD (included with Devotional)

Easily memorize Scripture through 4 songs that follow the daily teachings of the videos and devotional. Let God’s Word strengthen and encourage you as you reflect on important Bible truths set to music.

Below are the 4 songs on the CD.  Downloads of the individual songs are available for  purchase now in our store.  You can listen to audio samples, purchase the songs, and download free lyrics here.(link to store)

1. You’re So In Love With Us (Ex. 15:11; Eph. 1:7, and more)

2. How Can A Young Man (Ps. 19:9-16)

3. Words Of Life (Rom. 8:37; Phil. 4:13, and more)

4. Rest In The Lord (Ps. 37:5,7; Isa. 40:31)