Simple Steps to Deepen Your Relationship with God

Dear friends, God is on the move.  Let me explain.

Though God has always been working in human hearts, drawing people to Himself, there seems to be an urgency in His work at this present time. Why?

Consider our sin-plagued world. Does it appear to be getting worse? We are living in a time when the return of Jesus Christ is truly imminent. Our Savior could appear at any moment.  Knowing this, the enemy of our souls, the devil, is out to ...

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Do Good People Go to Heaven?

Yes. Absolutely.

Surprised at my answer? Well, it’s true.  There’s no doubt that good people would go to Heaven – IF there were any.

God’s View on Good People

The Bible is clear that only God is truly good. He alone is completely holy, pure, and just.  When He judges how good we are, He compares us against only one standard: His perfect standard of righteousness.

Scripture confronts us with a hard truth: In God’s eyes,

  • “There is no one who does good, not even ...
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Is It God’s Will to Heal?

Pain. I’d been living with it for months since the birth of my daughter. During childbirth, my tailbone had moved out of place…and the doctor couldn’t fix it. My only hope was a miracle.

“Does anyone have a prayer need?”  It was my first time in a home Bible study, and the twenty or so people gathered there were excited to pray and see God answer.

Then they told me, “We believe it’s God’s will to heal. You lay your hand on ...

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How Can I Convince Others They Need Jesus?

You know God is real. You know Jesus is coming back. And you are concerned for your loved ones and friends. You want them to know Jesus so they can go to heaven, but how can you convince them to listen to the truth of the Gospel that you know will give them eternal life?

This was my friend Tammy’s dilemma. Perhaps it is yours as well. I believe you will be encouraged as you read Tammy’s letter and my response ...

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