Getting to Know God

How Can I Know God?

You Were Created To Know God

Our Creator God has placed a need in us to know and be known by Him.  This need can only be satisfied by a personal relationship with Him.  Human beings attempt to fill this need for love, acceptance, and purpose in many ways in their life, but only God can fill the longing.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve enjoyed a perfect relationship with God.  They spoke with God face-to-face, and were not afraid.

God loves you.  ...

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The Names of God Part 1

Introduction, Yahweh, Abba Father

God. Lord. Jesus. Abba Father. Adonai. Christ. Elohim. El Shaddai. Yahweh. Yahweh Yireh… the titles of the Supreme Being.

These names help us to know who He is.

God created us to have an intimate personal relationship with Him.  His purpose for us is that we bring Him glory by responding to Him with a life of reverence, praise, thanksgiving, obedience, and service.

We can learn about God by observing His Creation.  Having a relationship with Him ...

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