How Can I Know God?

You Were Created To Know God

Our Creator God has placed a need in us to know and be known by Him.  This need can only be satisfied by a personal relationship with Him.  Human beings attempt to fill this need for love, acceptance, and purpose in many ways in their life, but only God can fill the longing.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve enjoyed a perfect relationship with God.  They spoke with God face-to-face, and were not afraid.

God loves you.  ...

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01. A Supernatural Encounter With Death

I was baking a cake in the basement kitchen of my boyfriend’s fraternity house.  It was a large building with white columns, built on a rock foundation.  The kitchen itself was very small.  There was a gas oven, some shelves and a single window above a sink. I bent over and started to open the oven door to slide in the cake and when I did, there was a terrible explosion that rocked the entire building.  The window above the ...

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03. Life-Changing Encounter With Jesus

I was born into a Jewish family, lived for a year in Israel during the time of the Six Day War, and never had the slightest interest in Jesus or Christianity.  However, in 1978, when I was on my way to report a teacher who was evangelizing in a public school, Jesus Christ came and sat in the passenger seat of my car and said, “I Am Who they say I Am. I Am the Son of God.”  With tears ...

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02. No Longer Homeless

I was separating from my husband and had lost everything. My boys and I were in an extended stay hotel.  I was paying regularly and had even gotten a few rides to church.  I was disappointed when we had to move into a homeless shelter, but God had a plan.  They helped me apply for disability, found a special housing program that helped me get on my feet, and by Christmas, we were in our own place with donated furniture.  ...

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04. Pastor Receives Healing and Direction

I tell my testimony everywhere I minister because it reminds me of the greatness of God and my full calling in the ministry.

In 1996, I had a heart attack and was paralyzed on the left side of my body.  It happened one day after my pre-wedding party.  I couldn’t understand why such a thing happened to me since I was saved and serving as an assistant pastor.

I had been teaching in a private school.  My boss fired me immediately and ...

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