Breakthrough Bible Healing

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Whether you’re suffering from an illness, or know someone who is, living with sickness is no way to live.

God promises that His Word will be life and health to our whole body - but only if we learn to diligently follow His directions.

Introducing “Breakthrough! Bible Healing”

Discover the Truth

Each week, for 12 weeks, you will receive a personal study guide that will walk you through steps to growing your faith based on the truth of God’s will concerning healing.

Build Your Faith

Learn biblical principles on health, gain helpful insight on healing Scriptures, and build your spiritual faith muscles each day as you Breakthrough! to your healing the Bible way.

Apply the Lessons

Discover how to apply God’s Word on healing into your everyday life. Share experiences with the community, ask questions, receive support, and give encouragement.

I'm Ready to Get Started

I want to receive 12 study guides plus bonuses, and be a part of the private Facebook group so I can learn more about living a life of healing!

Study Group Information and Details

Enjoy the benefits of a personal study delivered each week to your inbox, and the community support of those who want to grow their faith to receive healing for themselves and others — just like you.

Follow these simple steps to get started: 

1. Subscribe. (Click to sign up)

2. Purchase Study Materials.

3. Join Facebook Group.

Who is the group for?

  • Those who want to grow their faith to receive healing for themselves and for others.

Recommended time investment:

  • Three 10-minute sessions each day, spaced apart. (You may do more or less. Do what you can.)

What you'll discover:

  • God’s will concerning healing for YOU.
  • Helps and hindrances to healing.
  • Important principles of biblical faith.
  • How to get God’s Word down into your heart so it can produce the life and healing you need.

Your expectation to receive healing will increase as you:

  • Plant over 50 Scripture verses in your heart through Bible meditation.
  • Develop a healthy daily routine of speaking and applying Scripture to your life.
  • Practice making thankfulness and praise an important part of your daily routine.

How much does it cost to join?

  • There is no cost to sign up.
  • There is no cost to receive the 12-week study guides with the 2 bonuses.
  • There is no cost to be a part of the Private Facebook Community.

Required study materials:

To get the most out of the study, it is required that members invest in the following materials:

The Healing Gift Pack ($10.99 + s/h) which includes these resources:

Note: If you already have some of these resources, please only purchase the items you need.

Other recommended resources:

Although not required, here are 2 other resources we recommend:

Here's What You'll Receive

Weekly emails for 12 weeks:

Each email will have a link to the weekly Breakthrough! Guide, which you will need to download and print. The Guides include a prayer of thanks and daily readings, meditations, and Scripture declarations.


Email #1 link will also include “How to Prepare - Before You Start” - important information that will help you start and finish strong.


Email #11 link will also include “Healing Scriptures of Hope”, 18 pages of Scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments, which you will need to download and print out.

Support and encouragement:

Everyone needs support and encouragement when starting a new routine.

When you fill out the form to join Breakthrough!, you will be invited to our private Facebook group page - “Breakthrough! Bible Healing”. Only members can see the content and who is in the group. This will be a positive environment centered around Bible Healing.

On this page, I (Wendy Knight, host) will be posting valuable information, answering and asking questions, and cheering you on. I will also be studying alongside you.

Group members can feel free to ask questions, request prayer for themselves, share testimonies of God’s healing in their life, and support and encourage one another as they build their faith together.