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Features & Benefits

There are specific features and benefits for each part of Daily Scripture & Song.  They are outlined below.

Features & Benefits – Videos

Every day, read and listen to an inspirational teaching about God and His plan for you.  There are 3 videos.

Video 1 – Prepare Your Heart To Hear The Message

  1. Learn to quiet your heart and put your focus on God.

You will feel more peaceful and become more aware of God’s presence.

  1. Learn to pray using one of God’s Bible names.

It will ...

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What is Daily Scripture & Song?

Daily Scripture & Song is a 3-part Bible-based teaching program that will help you know God better and develop a personal relationship with Him.  It consists of daily online videos (free) and a 31-day devotional with a music CD.

Multi-faceted learning: read, listen, study, apply, and sing

Each day, there is a new teaching about God. Through the videos, you have the opportunity to read and listen to the teaching, and respond to God. The devotional enables you to study the teaching ...

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05. Hope Devotional Testimony

One of the greatest benefits of the hope devotional is that it pushed us to just slow down. As we did, we found that we could relate to specific lessons by identifying actual happenings in our lives that were similar or related. The ending prayers were useful because they gave us a chance to focus on prayer and how it could help us realign our thoughts for the day or for our lives.  Kyle and Christine Kayler – New York

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